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Journal of IMAB - Annual Proceeding (Scientific Papers)
Publisher: Peytchinski, Gospodin Iliev
ISSN: 1312 773X (Online)
Issue: 2012, vol. 18, book 3;
Subject Collection: Medicine
Page: 276-279
DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2012183.276
Published online: 29 August 2012

J of IMAB. 2012; 18(3):276-279
Trifon Chervenkov1, Rinaldo Shishkov2
1) Department Clinical Medical Sciences, Immunology laboratory
2) Department Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
Medical University - Varna, Bulgaria.

The pathogenesis of the schizophrenic illness is still not fully elucidated. Many studies have been conducted revealing different aspects but may be the studies of greatest significance are studying the genetic aspects of expression of trophic factors and enzymes associated with nervous system development and plasticity. In this relation we aimed at measuring the Cyclon and BDNF genes expression in blood of patients suffering from schizophrenia and to test for correlation between them. Our result did not reveal correlation in spite of their connection with the disease.

Key words: schizophrenia, ccdc86, Cyclon, BDNF.

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Please cite this article as: Chervenkov Tr, Shishkov R. Aspects of Cyclon and BDNF Gene Expression in Schizophrenia Patients. J of IMAB. 2012; 18(3):276-279. doi: 10.5272/jimab.2012183.276

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19. .

Accepted for publication: 22 May 2012
Issue published online: 29 August 2012

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