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Journal of IMAB - Annual Proceeding (Scientific Papers)
Publisher: Peytchinski Publishing Ltd.
ISSN: 1312-773X (Online)
Issue: 2023, vol. 29, issue2
Subject Area: Public Health
DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2023292.4898
Published online: 02 May 2023

Original article
J of IMAB. 2023 Apr-Jun;29(2):4898-4903
Meglena BalaburovaORCID logoCorresponding Autoremail,
Department of Nursing Therapeutic Care, Faculty of Health Care, Medical University – Pleven, Bulgaria.

Contemporary health care (HC) practices have been extremely important, especially for patients after ischaemic stroke (IS) who have different degrees of disability and co-morbidities.
Objective: To analyze the opinion of IS patients hospitalized in specialized clinics/wards regarding the identification of the specific HC needs and optimization of their management in the period of and after discharge.
Material and Methods: For achieving the objective, 114 patients were investigated, representing 22.2% of the response, who were hospitalized for treatment and rehabilitation in specialized clinics/wards on the territory of four medical facilities in the town of Pleven. The study required the use of a complex of sociological and statistical methods: a direct anonymous survey was conducted with questions specially prepared for the purpose to study the opinion, feelings, attitudes and evaluations of the respondents on the investigated issues.
Results: The greater share of the surveyed patients 83.3% (95), were dependent on care to varying degrees, and 57.9% (66) were definite that care at home should be supervised by a health professional. Home care for 85.1% (97) of the respondents would be provided by close relatives. Over half of the patients surveyed, 60.5% (69), believed that written home care instructions were required.
Conclusion: Despite the preference of the ischaemic stroke patients to be cared for by their relatives, they woke up to the need for ritten guidelines, training and supervision from a health professional/nurse regarding their recovery at home.

Keywords: stroke, healthcare, needs,

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Please cite this article as: Balaburova M. Ischaemic Stroke Patients and Perspectives for Healthcare Providing. J of IMAB. 2023 Apr-Jun;29(2):4898-4903. DOI: 10.5272/jimab.2023292.4898

Corresponding AutorCorrespondence to: Meglena Balaburova, Department of Nursing Therapeutic Care, Faculty of Health Care, Medical University – Pleven; 1, St. Kliment Ohridski Str., Pleven, Bulgaria; E-mail: meglena_balaburov@abv.bg

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Received: 17 November 2022
Published online: 02 May 2023

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